Home page description

  1. Information page about Bacterial tyrosine kinase: Historical background and description of byk.
  2. Precomputed dataset of byk(Fasta sequences, multiple sequence alignments), sorted by taxons and domains.
  3. Generic analysis tools.
  4. A tool to identify and/or annotate sequence(s) as Bacterial tyrosine kinase(s), by direct input or upload of a Pearson/Fasta file.
  5. Information about the BYKdb project, the team, the financial support and how to cite this database.
  6. Contact form to send a message to BYKdb service administrator.
  7. This help page.
  8. All the news concerning BYKdb database (update ...) and BYKdb website (new page ...)
  9. Statistics of the BYKdb datatbase.
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