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The specialized Bacterial tYrosine-Kinase database, BYKdb, contains computer-annotated BY-kinase sequences. BY-kinase proteins share no resemblance with their eukaryotic counterparts and they have been unified in a new protein family sharing a common sequence signature. These enzymes have been shown to control several biological functions in the bacterial cells. The database web interface allows static and dynamic queries and provides integrated analysis tools including sequence annotation.

The current BYKdb release is 68.0 with 24248 entries and was last updated on 2022-12-05 (see news).

The BYKdb service has been accessed 57380 times by 9700 unique users since 2011 (see statistics).

If you use BYKdb in your work, please cite Jadeau F. et al., Nucleic Acids Research, 2012 (see about).

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